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A Meaty Issue: Halal Food and Vegetarian Food

That's our Forum title! It will be helmed by

1. A Representative from JAKIM - Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia

2. Dr Chan Kah Yein, a practising Buddhist and a "flexible vegetarian".  She teaches mathematics at a private college and is founder-coordinator of AnimalCare, a group dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of stray animals.  She is a public speaker and author of four well-loved books, ie. Pawprints on My Heart, Indy Jones and the 4 Pillars of Kindness, A Kite in the Wind and Little Steps, Joyful Steps

3. Associate Professor Dr Poh Bee Koon.the honorary secretary of the Nutrition Society  of Malaysia, A Nutritionist as well as a Lecturer with National University of Malaysia, UKM. In fact, she is part of the committee that publishes the Recommended Nutrient Intake for Malaysia! (RNI)

 4. A moderator for the forum, tentatively, Associate Prof Dr Harlina Halizah Hj Siraj

Suggested topics to be covered in the forum, respectively.

JAKIM: (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia)

·         What is Halal Food? In the Quran, In Malaysia? 

·         What laws are there governing Halal Food?

·         What is the consequence of consumption of non Halal Food, according to the Quran?

·         Can vegetables or fruits be non-halal?

·         How does JAKIM certify a product/ a restaurant to be halal?

·         What are the requirements for an establishment to get an approval? How much
       would it cost?


·         What is Vegetarian food? 

·         Why does Buddhism/ Hinduism Encourage its disciples to not take lives,

·         whether in the form of killing or eating? Does Buddhism condemn those who eat meat?

·         What is a typical Monks life like? What are their food?

·         How many types of Vegetarians are there? How is a Vegetarian different from a Vegan?

·         What happens in a situation where a vegetarian finds himself without any vegetarian food?

·         What does a hindu/ taoist disciple do when he finds that stalls that sell chicken meat also cook beef, and the utensils are shared?


·         What constitutes a healthy and balanced diet?

·         What is Red meat and what is White Meat?

·         What is contained in chicken meat and beef nowadays? Are the Beta-agonists, steroids, antibiotics claims unfounded? What is the effect of consuming such toxins to humans?

·         Can a Vegetarian eat a healthy and well balanced diet? They are prone to Megaloblastic Anemia; how can that be solved? (What is megaloblastic anemia)

Do you have any suggestions on the topics that should be covered?
Any itching burning questions? Forward your enquiries to willow.by.the.well@gmail.com