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6-Dec:  Goodie Bag page, Maps to HUKM
7-Dec : Homepage Refurbished, Additional Venue map
8-Dec: Clinical booths added into main events!
9-Dec: Additional Info on getting to HUKM
12-Dec: timetable updated, Workshops, and 2 extra events updated!
15-Dec: Workshop host details updated!
24- Dec: Header updated, Inconvenient truth companion uploaded
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1-Jan: Sponsor page updated
PS- You can now click on the T-shirt Design for a larger image, My apologies! Our Tees will be on sale
2-Jan: Goodie Bags and transport details (main page) updated!
4th Jan- MYCAT will be giving a talk too!

6th Jan- You can bring your recyclable items here! Read our important update, below

8th Jan- IMP update! Check out the additional Programmes
We have in Store- In a separate timetable

Timetable, Click to Enlarge
The Bioenzyme Workshop is free of charge- but Participants are required to bring along Fruit and Vegetable wastes- such as fruit peels, the core ingredients in making the enzyme.

To find out more on the use of Garbage Enzyme, click on the links below.


Arranging Transport? If you're From....

 UKM Bangi- please contact Bernard @ 0122015582
 UM - please contact Yze Shiuan @ 0125246406
 UKM KCKL- please contact Eugene @ 0167373673
 UCSI please contact Kendrick Ng
 Taylor's College please contact Colin Shafer

Further Transport Details

3 Buses will depart from KTSN @ 7.30am and 1 bus from KCKL too!
There will be returning buses @12.30 pm as well 4.30pm

Buses will depart from PUSANIKA Bangi @ 8am , returning @ 5pm!

Important Update!

You may now bring your recyclable materials to our event! Our Sponsor, Recycle for Rewards will be taking in your trash and giving you rewards!
For this time-limited offer, you'l be given 20 points automatically when you register with R4R on the day. Points will be doubled for any items brought in this Saturday!
For more information-
 click here



Freebies up for Grabs! While Stocks Last! Click on the picture to have a peek!
and that is thanks to our sponsors! MYC and Recycle for Rewards!

Keynote Address

The opening event! The Director of the Department of Environment, Selangor, will be telling us about Gentle Footsteps and Concrete Action!

Award Winning, International Movie Screening, Premiering in PPUKM!

We would like to present to you An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's (the Presidential Candidate for 2003 US elections) best contribution yet! It was the most important factor for him to win the Nobel Peace Prize . For Reviews, Click here 
For the extremely long list of Awards and Nominations this Movie won, click here

Think An Inconvenient truth is the perfect classroom material? So do we!!

Click on the image to download the official Companion Book

Environmental Practices/ Interfaith Forum

A Meaty Issue: Between Halal food and Vegetarian Food. 
Mainly for Non-muslims to understand the concept of halal food, and for the general public to understand why some people opt for the healthy greens!

The forum will be helmed by 
Panelists From JAKIM, A practising Buddhist, Dr Chan Kah Yein and An Associate Professor of Nutrition, Dr Poh Bee Koon.
For Further Details,
 Click here


Featuring Booths from NGOs- Malaysian Nature Society, WildAsia, CETDEM
and our Sponsors!

-Governmental Organisations
-featuring Corporate Responsibility Programmes
-and many Companies who live and breathe.. GREEN

Want to Set up a booth? Give me a call @ 017-6092502

Clinical Booths

Does your blood presure reading makes you lose sleep at night?
Does your sugar level reflect the Amount of Teh Tarik that you take.. and now you're regrettng not adding the words "kurang manis" every time you order? 

Fret not as we offer hassle free blood tests that will help put your mind at ease. 

Available tests include :
Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Blood Type,Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Level, and we may include Helicobacter Pylori rapid tests if there is a demand for it! (H. Pylori causes stomach cancer, BTW)

And our friendly medical student consultants will be there to explain away your worries 
(or advice drastic changes to your lifestyle!)


-What is Global Warming (GW) The Proof of Global Warming, What we can do about it!
- 5R!! Refuse, Reduce, Repair Reuse, Recycle!!
- Current Conservation Efforts in Malaysia.


We do have a few workshop themes in mind
1) Fabric Bag Painting Workshop
2) Recycled Material Crafts
Which would you prefer?
Details Here

When I was young, the world was a better place...

Have the same feeling too? Join us as we take a look at what UM undergraduates reminisce on what has been missing lately through Videos, Photos and Essays. For Further details, click here

The Correct Approach!

Tetrapak packages the drinks of numerous brands such as Dutch Lady, Yeos, Marigold, Pokka, Seasons, to name a few. And it seems that we Malaysians, have always dumped the drink cartons instead of recycling it. Well, now they are here to educate us on helping the environment! 

Your Cat? No, it's MYCAT! MINE!!!!!!

The Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers,

MYCAT is the joint programme of the Malaysian Nature Society, TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, Wildlife Conservation Society - Malaysia Programme and WWF-Malaysia, supported by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia for joint implementation of the National Tiger Action Plan for Malaysia.

Suzalinur Manja Bidin, MYCAT's programme officer will share with us their experience in Tiger Conservation, and hopefully rope some volunteers over!

Malaysian's Most Regal Feline,
Panthera Tigris!

Tzu Chi Merit Society Presentation

While many Buddhist societies focus on personal enlightenment, Tzu Chi focuses on community service and outreach the organization is also popularly known for its contributions to society in numerous ways in the areas of Charity,Medicine, Education, and Culture.

 The concept behind Tzu Chi Foundation ,(
四大志業,八大腳印), is "Four endeavors, eight footprints". The eight footprints are charity causes, medical contributions, education development, humanities, international disaster assistance, bone-marrow donation, community volunteerism, and recycling.

Despite having its background in Buddhism, it does not serve to propagate the religion and thus its activities enjoys participation from Christians and Muslims alike.

The society runs 4500 recycling stations in Taiwan. One famous project is its PET water bottle recycling project. By September 2008, about 11,856,000 bottles were used to make more than 152,000 polyester blankets!

Environmental Short Films

We will Showcase Interesting Short Films with an environmental/ biodiversity theme which will serve as fillers in between major events!

Questions? Head over to our FAQ  page, here or contact us here

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