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Que Pasa?

  1. Do we need to pay?

    *How do I get there?

  2. Where do we park our cars?

  3. I heard HUKM is a big place, where exactly is the venue?

  4. Who else will be coming?

  5. Do we need to bring anything?

  6. How is Vegetarian food related to the event?

  7. Do we have to stay from 8am to 5pm? 

  8. What Can I get from this?

  9. How Can I help?


  1. Absolutely not! Admission is free, movie entertainment is free, vegetarian food sampling is free, exhibition is free, even the air is free! hehe. On top of that, if you're one of the early birds, you'll get a free drink sponsored by MYC and a goodie bag!

    *Maps here

  2. There are 3 options. Map details are as follows
    a) The parking facilities within HUKM
    b) The parking facilities immediately opposite the hospital
    c) The parking facilities a further walk to the right and opposite the Hospital
    2 and 3 are located within the vicinity of Taman Tasik Permaisuri.

  3. The venue is the Auditorium and the Gallery area. Location map click here.

  4. See Invitees section

  5. What you need to bring is an open mind and an open heart! Why an open heart? Oh, just cliche purposes hehe.
    Bring an open mind so that you can absorb more information and take the message home!

    Bring your own tupperware, water bottle and utensils if possible; food samples are given
    free but we are NOT using polystyrene. We will prepare a certain number of plates but we're afraid it might run out quickly.

    Bring a Eco-bag if you have one, or bags to store the goodies that we're giving away!

  6. Here you go!

  7. Nope you don't have to. You can come anytime you want. The booths start at 8 but the exciting stuff happening in the Auditorium begins at 9am. Note though that Early Birds do get the worm because our goodies are only for a first come first serve basis!

    You may refer to the timetable link for more details

    To minimize interruption of the ongoing events, me may request that you enter the auditorium through an alternative entrance  5 minutes into the event.

    In between events Environmental Short films will be shown for 15 mintues. This is the time to visit the loo! or the booths outside!

    I know certain workshops would clash with the main events, but this is a choice between the devil and the deep blue see. (wrong idiom!) Ahem, a choice between heaven and working in
    Google's Head office.

  8. I'm suprised at that question! We promise you fun and knowledge but what you really take home from the event is the result of bringing an open mind here.
    The earth belongs to everyone and everyone has a responsibility to be aware of what's happening to it. At the end of the day(pun intended), we will be the ones who suffer. Act now, for you and your children!

  9.  Now that's the spirit!! By coming here, you're already giving us a big hand so a humongous thanks to you!
    You can do more by
    - Promoting this event to your friends and family
    - Become a member or a volunteer with one of the   environmental NGOs such  as MNS, WWF. They will open your eyes and make you appreciate what you never noticed
    - Bring home the message and start sorting out your trash, reduce water and energy consumption and tell your neighbours to join you!

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